Triple Impact


This is not new.

For many years now, the need to find new ways of expressing our philosophy began to emerge in Nuevo Origen. We love brewing beer, of course we do, but we felt that we can go even further.

We covered our roofs with solar panels and installed a rainwater collection system, but that was just the beginning.

We are aware that our activity has a profound impact on our society, our environment and our economy. We are not the only ones.

We are part of an inspiring global movement that today brings together thousands of companies united by the idea of ​​promoting real and quantifiable measures in pursuit of the well-being of people, society and the Earth. And there we go.

We are working on concrete facts that will bring us closer to having an even friendlier attitude towards nature and our people.

And here we are.
We are working, investing time, resources, efforts and (above all) enthusiasm to climb a business ladder.

Because this is also a way of doing it differently. Friendlier, more natural and more conscious.


In September 2018 we were distinguished by the IDB International Quality Convention in Frankfurt, Germany, with the IDB Gold Award for Quality, becoming the first South American microbrewery in history to be recognized for its work in innovation, leadership and quality.