About us

Nuevo Origen Microbrewery was born in 2011, in La Reforma, a town of 200 inhabitants isolated in the middle of the dryness La Pampa province, in Northern Patagonia, Argentina.

A place with salty waters of poor quality for elaboration. With no natural gas, without a hardware store.
The place that, perhaps unwittingly, shaped our identity.

Beers at Nuevo Origen are a reflection of adversity, of the need to do things in a different way, because no work protocol was designed for such a land.
Throughout time we become the largest brewery in the region and one of the most important references in the Argentinian microbrewery industry.

In 2016 we opened the new Ataliva Roca plant, with a projected capacity of 150,000 litres per month and state-of-the-art technology.
The market prompted us to move and move our brewhouse, but the spirit of La Reforma brewery is still intact.

After all, we did it and we will do it that way.